Ravi – Plano

“Fences for Orphans was referred by one of my friends who had FFO replace their fence a few years back. Initially, I was little skeptical since the work is done by volunteers who believe in the cause. 80% of the profits from the fence projects go to help orphans. Having volunteer workers is how they are able to do this.

From the beginning I had such a great experience working with Ray and his volunteer team. Ray was very profession, helped me understand various options, costs associated with each and pros/cons of the options. This helped me greatly in deciding what exactly I want.

Once Ray’s team started working on the project, I was impressed by everyone’s professionalism, attention to detail and skill-sets showed thru out the project. Following are few things from my experience with them.

          The work started on the day it was planned.

          Everyday, Ray and his volunteers started at 8:00 AM sharp and work tirelessly till evening.

          Ray and his team were very methodical. It’s clear they have been doing this for a while.

          Ray and Sam gave attention to every small detail.

          Volunteers working on the new fence were very skillful.

          Their removal of old fence and collecting all the debris from the removal was spotless.

          At the end of every day, after work, they spent time cleaning up the working area. This helped the backyard stay clean throughout the project and made things looks so organized.

          The whole project was completed beautifully in one week as originally anticipated.

We love the fence they built for us!

Lastly, the feeling of helping someone somewhere is priceless. I was going to spend the money anyway, now it will help someone somewhere.”

Tim & Erika – McKinney

We really enjoyed working with Ray and all the volunteers. The work of the fence is top notch and meets all the expectations that I had put in place prior to looking for a fence builder. While there were several local fence builders to consider in the McKinney area, I choose to work with Fences for Orphans due to the charity aspect. With my large back yard fence, we will be able to help several children get beds in orphanages. Please consider using them in the future!”

Tom & Melinda – Plano, TX

“Fences for Orphans replaced our damaged fence with a beautiful board-on-board fence recently, and we could not be more pleased than we are! We had heard of FFO and read more about it on their website. From that we knew that we would want to use them if the cost was relatively competitive – and we were surprised that the FFO bid was less than the bids received from two other companies for comparable services. From the initial contact with Ray Young through the clean-up after completion of the build, everything went very smoothly and we were kept informed of what to expect throughout. We were impressed by the professionalism and skill of the crew and volunteers. Then when it was over, we were thankful to know that a significant amount of the cost to us would be used for the benefit of orphans in Costa Rica and Haiti. Thank you FFO”

Matt – Plano, TX

My wife and I recently had our exterior fence replaced by Ray Young and his, ”Fences for Orphans” team. We have been so impressed by the professionalism in all aspects of the process, bidding, pre-build communication, costs, attention to detail and finally the finished product.

We have a beautiful 8 foot board on board pre-stained fence for a better price then commercially bid fences with the additional benefit of knowing that our money went to help shelter orphans in Haiti and Costa Rica. I would strongly recommend Ray and his team of volunteers for anyone looking to build or replace an exterior fence.

Bob – Allen, TX

“We are very pleased with the quality of work by the Fences for Orphans team.  They started on time and finished on time.  The quality of work & materials used is outstanding.  The price quoted was very reasonable and fair.  I cannot say enough good things about them & I would highly recommend them for your fencing need.

Ann – McKinney, TX

 “I learned about Fences for Orphans from a friend and can heartily endorse the business, which installed our new fence last week.  They did an outstanding job, were a pleasure to work with, and raised money for a good cause.”

Alex – Allen, TX

“I am very happy that I chose Fences for Orphans over other fence companies.  Working with FFO and Ray in particular was very pleasant.  It was clear from the beginning that they will deliver great service.  Ray is very nice person, he was also patient and showed very good competence when answering my question about fences, installation, materials and all other fence related questions.  The quoting process went very smooth and easy. After his visit he sent me couple of quotes with different options to choose from (whatever we discussed).  He also answered and explained all my inquires regarding the quotes details.

Ray also provided me several referrals to their previous projects, I drove and checked them – all fences are very well built.  Once I needed to reschedule a project day and Ray did it with no any issues. The installation process also went very well. FFO crew (by the way Ray is part of the crew – it only shows his dedication and proves that he does really care about orphans) demoed and built new fence very quick and perfectly.  They also cleaned the area after work was done each day.

The new fence looks great. Quality of work and materials are very good.

Ray also informed me about his mission – helping orphans in third world countries. He told that all margin gotten from the project will be donated to them.

I was really impressed by what he is doing.  In the end Ray sent me email with details about how much money was raised for donations from the project.”

Vic & Janet – Plano, TX

“Fences For Orphans recently installed a board on board eight foot fence for us.The process of having them come out and measure for install was very easy compared to other companies.  I was searching the internet and after reading about FFO I contacted them and knew that they were the company to use. Their prices are very reasonable and we set a date for install.

First day they took down the old fence and set posts. Each day the crew that showed up for work were very polite and hard working all day.

The finished project on third day was a beautiful new fence.

We furnished lunch on third day and also gave a donation toward their foundation. Many of our neighbors have complimented on their work and our new fence as well.

Thank you for giving of you time and hard work.”

Matt & Kristen – Allen, TX

Fences for Orphans is a top notch organization and their craftsmanship is second to none. Not only does our new fence look amazing, but the whole process from estimate to scheduling to building the fence was seamless. The volunteers who build are hard-working and professional, not to mention some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend this group to anyone in need of a fence. I especially love the fact that they donate profits to help families and children in Costa Rica. It’s truly an honor to work with this group.”

Dainen & Evelyn – Allen, TX

“Ray, I want to thank you and your team of volunteers for the excellent job on my fence.  Owning a tile and remodel business myself, attention to detail can make an ordinary job extraordinary, which you did.  The craftsmanship is top notch, the professionalism of you and your team made this a simple and enjoyable process to watch.  I enjoyed visiting with your team and learning how they got involved in this effort, and their passion for this cause.  I also appreciate the upfront communication on when things would happen, and what I needed to do as a homeowner for this to go as smoothly as possible.  I have already recommended you to the individual who services my pool, as he was VERY impressed as well and even commented on the craftsmanship of the fence. 

Thank you so much, and God Bless!”

Zak – Allen, TX

“We are so grateful to Ray and the Fences for Orphans group of volunteers for all the hard work they put into this project.  Simply put, they are the BEST!  Not only are they very skilled and knowledgeable people, but their cause to help orphans in need makes them superheroes in our book.

We reached out to Ray after a car had driven through our fence causing a lot of damage.  He came out and walked me through the entire process, leaving no detail out.  He even had some of his team come out and temporarily patch the section of fence that was damaged prior to the actual project to transform and replace our fence! (thank you for that)

The quote we received from FFO was very reasonable and quick to get, where other companies I contacted failed to provide much service at all or quoted extremely high cost for lesser quality products.  We love our new fence and are considering another project for FFO to help us with in the future.

Many thanks to the FFO team for everything they do!”

Dean – Allen, TX

“I found Fences for Orphans simply by searching the Internet, but once I read more about the mission of the organization, I didn’t bother with exploring any other company to remove my current fence.  They were kind, professional, and receptive throughout the quoting and removal process.  I’m delighted that there are people out there willing to give their professional time and effort that results in making the world a better place.  As somebody who visits Costa Rica and Central America often, I’m delighted that much of the cost of removing my fence goes to help churches in Costa Rica.”

Geoff & Leslee – McKinney, TX

“We are so incredibly grateful to the Fences for Orphans family for sharing their time, effort, and craftsmanship during three very hot days in September. The FFO volunteers who participated in this build were prompt, polite, professional, and precise as they pitched in to replace our fence… a week earlier than originally planned. They worked together like a well-oiled machine. We appreciated their friendliness and faithfulness.

 Throughout the fence replacement process, we enjoyed timely and thorough communication, a reasonable quote (less than two other quotes of like quality), high-caliber construction, and a commitment to Kingdom purpose. Upon completion, our 8-ft / 6-ft combination board-on-board pre-stained cedar fence was stunning. One of our neighbors, who shares a portion of the fence, says she has “fence envy” and commented on the fence’s beauty. We cannot stop just standing and staring, admiring the beauty of the wood and the crisp, clean lines. The finished product frames our yard beautifully and enhances the landscaping. One of the most-impressive parts of the project was the new gate, which opens and closes so smoothly and included a delightful decorative touch.

 Most importantly, we are thankful for FFO’s commitment to Christ and to the furtherance of the Gospel through the building of orphanages and churches. While both options are eternally valuable, we appreciated the opportunity to choose where the profit donations were allocated.

 If you are in the market for a new fence, we unreservedly recommend FFO.”


Caroline – Allen, TX

“Ray Young from Fences for Orphans did a terrific job in regards of a new construction of my cedar fence. Fences for Orphans was first class with their project management of my new fence. They were one time for the project, completed on time with the construction of the fence, and their workmanship was #1.  The fence looks great.  I will recommend this ministry as well as the company to all my friends and neighbors. Thank you to Fences for Orphans and the wonderful crew of people who volunteer their time for a ministry for God’s children.”

Gina – McKinney, TX

“Check out Fences for Orphans. They just installed our fence and we are very pleased with the quality, workmanship, professionalism and especially the reasonable cost. They came by on Wed and tore down, hauled away the old fence and installed the metal posts. Thursday, they installed the pre-stained wood fence. They were there both days at the time promised. Not only did I get a great fence at a very good price (less than 2 other quotes), but I was able to help less fortunate kids. 80% of their profits go to building orphanages.”

Mike – Frisco, TX

“Ray and his crew are simply the best. When the storms from a couple of months ago came through, my poor fence bore the brunt of it. Ray was quick to come and provide an estimate, which was extremely competitive with all of the others that I received. However, the key difference is the cause that Ray supports.

With that said, prestained boards and 8 foot fence was decided. Ray had his guys come by the house within a day or two to help reset my fence that had fallen down. They did a fantastic job just getting my fence presentable again (to get the HOA off my back) until they were able to come back and complete the work in about 6 weeks time.

Ray was always very upfront about communication including a slight delay in obtaining the prestained boards. Never an issue at all.

The work was completed as promised… nay, BETTER than promised. The fence looks immaculate and my yard was completely tidied up upon their completion.

These are quality PEOPLE, first and foremost. The work they do is second to none.”

Gayle – Plano, TX

Ray and the rest of the team from Fences for Orphans tore down our dilapidated fence and rebuilt a beautiful, board-on-board, pre-stained, cedar fence with metal posts.  The gate hardware is aesthetically pleasing and of very good quality.  We were impressed with everyone that came out to help on our project.  One gentleman even brought his own coffee maker, and the guys continued to work throughout a heavy downpour as they were being drenched!  We are grateful to know that our fence isn’t just providing a safe, enclosed area for our family pets, but also a safe home for orphans.  We highly recommend FFO!”  

Bob – Little Elm, TX

I reached out to Fences for Orphans after a large storm blew down our fence. They were referred by members of our church. After looking at the company’s website and seeing that so much of the profit went to a great cause we decided to contact them. Within minutes of completing the online email contact I had a call back.  They were able to come out right away and provide me a very reasonable quote. Ray handled everything from giving me a step by step process and even getting the permit. He was very quick to respond to any questions and was on site during construction. It took less than 2 days to complete the fence and if it was not for waiting for cement to dry, it would have been done in less than a day.  Every person on the crew was courteous and polite. My wife even commented on how quite they worked.  We even enjoyed the pleasant music they played while they worked. Thank you so much our fence is very well constructed and looks fabulous. In the future I will be recommending Fences for Orphans to all my family, friends and Neighbors”.


Sharon – Allen, TX

“I am very pleased with my new fence, built by Fences for Orphans.  Several of my neighbors have commented on the quality and attractiveness of the new fence as well.  The Fences for Orphans work crew were highly skilled craftsmen, very diligent workers, efficient, accommodating, and very pleasant!  The whole process, from estimate to completion, went very well.  And, I am pleased to be helping children in need.”

Tim – Carrolton, TX

“I contacted Fences for Orphans on a recommendation From a volunteer and Church member from the Church I attend. I looked at the website and was very impressed with what I saw. I called and emailed and got a response back in a timely manner and it got better from there. Once Sam came out and looked at the fence I had my estimate quickly. I did get a second estimate and at that point called Sam back out to relook at one change. Everything was very smooth from the signing of the agreement , mailing a deposit and the what’s next instruction.

The quality of the build more than exceeded my expectations as did the time it took to completion. They finished a day ahead of schedule and were very neat and professional through the whole process. I would recommend Fences for Orphans to anyone that needs a fence and they came in under another fence company that has built several fences in my neighborhood. I would put the quality of their work up against any of those fences as well.

The best part to me is where the profit goes. Homes for Orphans or Mission projects either way I got a top quality job and the satisfaction of knowing that some of the proceeds will help other people.

From start to finish, Sam and Ray were top notch and very professional to deal with and everything was done just as promised.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work. I would even be available if ever needed on weekends to donate some time. What an Awesome purpose and Job.”

Dave – McKinney, TX

“Thank you for your ministry and service! We couldn’t be more pleased with how professionally and quickly you handled the entire process of replacing our fence. Our fence is beautiful! You made the whole process so smooth and pain-free. We appreciate how you scheduled the work to meet our unique needs. Of course, your price was the best we found; but we especially admire that the profits went to help orphans. We love what you do by serving the needs of your community with a quality product and serving the “least of these” with the love of Christ”

John – Allen, TX

“Overall prep, people, and construction were outstanding in every way. Pleasant to talk to, very dedicated to doing a professional job, I would recommend your organization without hesitation. They produced a better product than all of the other companies doing similar projects in my neighborhood.”

Mark – McKinney, TX

“My wife, Alisha and I are thrilled with our new fence from Fences For Orphans. Not only did Ray and his team do a TOP quality job, but the clean up was Top quality as well.  We have been Blessed beyond our wildest dreams and wanted to share our blessings with others. FFO gave us the opportunity to do so and they also gave us a beautiful fence along with it. I can’t thank Ray and the team enough for all they did at my home and for all they do for a great cause.  If you are in the market for a new fence, I don’t see how you cannot use FFO. Thanks Ray, and may God continue to Bless you, your family, and FFO”

Jon and Mallory – Allen, TX

“From start to finish, working with Fences for Orphans has been such an incredible process.  We called to request a quote, and Ray was out the very same day!  The bid was lower than other contractors, and the quality, craftsmanship, volunteers and details were superior.  We are so grateful to have been a part of this amazing mission for children!”

Tiffany – Frisco, TX

“Fences for Orphans – what a wonderful organization.  A very dedicated team as they built my fence while it was very cold and raining the whole time.  They were very nice to get to know and they even ensured that my dog knew them and was comfortable around them.  My fence looks fabulous and I just love it.  My neighbors are very impressed with my fence and I love sharing the story of Fences for Orphans.  I didn’t go around asking for quotes from any other company as my heart was set with Fences for Orphan’s.  The overall process was very easy.  Ray Young came to my home at the designated time, spent time with me to give me the various options.  Then Ray sent me the quote that outlined the cost of my options and I was able to make my determination based on everything.  The overall process was seamless and then I had this wonderful and new beautiful fence.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped build my fence and support such a wonderful ministry in Cost Rica and Haiti!  What a blessing you are to those that are recipients of the fence and a recipient of the funds.

I would highly recommend and have been recommending Fences for Orphans.”

Michael – McKinney, TX

“I recently purchased a new fence from Fences For Orphans (FFO).  I found the experience to be refreshing as I had no worries that I was being pressured into buying something I didn’t need or having something installed that was less than I asked for.  I found FFO representatives to be extremely helpful in the estimation process as they helped me through the choices as to what type of fence I wanted, the height, the color and even how many gates.  I had lots of questions!

The crew that installed the fence was very friendly, prompt and actually were a pleasure to have around.  They installed the fence in a few days in spite of increment weather, and the quality of workmanship is in my opinion unsurpassed.

Now that the fence is installed I am amazed at both the quality of the materials and the installation that accompanied it.  I have even received several comments from admiring neighbors.  The fence is truly a beautiful addition to my yard.

FFO as far as I’m concerned will install you the best fence possible.  It is part of their mission and reflective on the cause they support.  Where else can you have a buy a service and at the same time make a difference in children’s lives?  FFO’s work ethic, integrity, and quality workmanship is not just the only reason to have them install your fence.”

Chris – McKinney, TX

Our fence was literally falling down after some of those Dallas 60 mph gust took their toll in June & July. After getting some pretty outrageous quotes from a number of fence builders, a friend of ours recommended contacting Fences for Orphans. I called Catherine Kester to schedule a visit and get a quote. Not only was the quote the best out of the lot, the materials, construction and entire process was better than the rest as well. Ray Young and his Team along with numerous volunteers started on a Wednesday and by mid day Saturday, we had the best looking, most sturdy 8-foot, board-on-board dark stained fence in our entire subdivision! Ray, Catherine and all the volunteers were so friendly, upbeat and professional every day they were at our house. Since the completion, we have had nothing but awesome compliments from all our neighbors! And the best feeling of all is the fact that a lot of the proceeds are going to help out orphan children in Haiti, Costa Rica and other places in need. There is no better feeling than to help out the needy and get an incredible new fence at the same time! God is so GOOD!

 Ray & Catherine, and all the volunteers that do this week after week with smiles on your faces…..a huge THANK YOU!”

Scott & Kathy – Allen, TX

“Fences For Orphans built us an outstanding fence at a great price.  Ray and his team were friendly, organized, on time, and on schedule.  It was wonderful to see volunteers work so hard and put so much pride in their work.  It is heart-warming when we look at  our fence and realize that we did something more than just buy a fence.  I have already recommended FFO to neighbors, friends, and family.  Thank you Ray and those exceptional people on your team.”

Lewis – Plano, TX

“FFO built me a better fence than I could have obtained from another provider, at a competitive price. They used posts every four feet instead of six, and sunk them 24″ into the earth, instead of the 18″ available from others. It’s built to last through anything the Texas weather can throw at it”.

Phil & Deb – Frisco, TX

“We used FFO to make some changes to our existing fence.  They were very professional and did a great job at making the new section flow smoothly into the old section.  The crew was very professional, personable and paid close attention to every detail.  FFO is supporting a great cause but they also provide a top notch service!  We will use them again and recommend their service to everyone”!!

Karen – Lewisville, TX

“Fences for Orphans just finished our new fence.  It is awesome!  This Christian company donates their profit over and above materials, to build orphanages in places such as Haiti and they donate the labor!

These wonderful Christian men are hard workers, donate their time to serve God and do a fantastic, professional job on the fences that they build.  I am extremely impressed”.

Brian – Plano, TX

“I just wanted to write a big THANK YOU to Fences For Orphans and the outstanding job well done.  My wife and I have been waiting for 9 years to buy a good quality fence and luckily we found you guys.  Not only were you the least expensive in 9 years but you were by far the absolute best.

My neighbor had a well built fence that I envied for years waiting for the right time to get mine.  I thought he had a great quality fence until you guys came along.  We engaged you guys, had a little bit of a delay in schedule but I can’t stop raving about the quality.  It was so worth the wait.

Wood;  The quality and color of the dark red cedar stain is beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful and very deeply stained.  You can tell how deeply soaked the stain is by looking at the end caps, and seeing how far it’s soaked in.  That gives me confidence that this fence will be around a long time.

Craftsmanship;  I could write a thesis in this section.  You and your team have some passion when it comes to quality.  Between yourself, Hoppy, John, Katherine, Francesca and all your other helpers, quality is very apparent.  When the frame was up, I couldn’t stop admiring how the wood just curved around our alley. It was as if it was meant for a race car jump.  Such precision in the angles.  Absolutely amazing.  The gates are solid, just so solid and smooth.  When you close the gate it feels like your in a fortress.

Care;  You took great care of our surroundings.  Every night the yard was clean and tidy.  You also made sure the safety fence was up so that our dogs could step outside, when needed, and browse around.  Thanks for that.

Well we finally have our fence and the bummer part is, you guys are gone and off to some other family.  You guys will be missed as we enjoyed the company of having you and your team around.

Thanks a million and I’m glad we did business together and most importantly helped some orphans in need”.

I look forward to continue our relationship and helping out more.

Sarah – Fort Worth, TX

“We loved having FFO build our fence!  Even though it was right in the middle of one of the hottest summers, we were really impressed by the dedication and commitment of the team who came to work on the fence.  We also really enjoyed being allowed to be included in the work and learned a lot of great skills.  Even our kids were able to participate!  We not only loved the experience fence building but it was wonderful being able to show our kids how we can contribute to kingdom work even from home!  Thanks again for a great job”!!

Richard & Laura – Allen, TX

“After receiving estimates from 3 other fence companies, I heard about Fences For Orphans from a friend. There were three main reasons we chose FFO to build our new fence. One was cost. FFO was much lower than our other estimates.  Second was where our hard earned money would be going. We could help out a great cause or contribute to someone’s next vacation to the Bahamas. No brainer. Third was Ray and FFO really gave us the feeling they would appreciate our business. The other companies never once called back or followed up in any manner. One company even told me they did all their business by email.  It gave me the feeling that I was just another number in their system or they had so much business they could take or leave our fence. That’s not who we wanted to build our new fence. We have had many compliments from our neighbors on our new fence and we absolutely love the way our backyard now looks. We believe our fence is of a higher quality than any of the other fence companies could have given us because of the attention to detail and workmanship we observed through the entire process. FFO provides a great product at a great price and supports a great cause”.

Cindy and Mark – Plano, TX

“We will admit, the first thing that attracted us to FFO was the cost and the fact it was a mission oriented venture.  After working with Ray, Hoppy, Catherine and many volunteers, we found out that this was truly a God-inspired work force and mission work in Texas.  On top of that, the proceeds go to help orphans in under privileged countries.  WOW.  The workmanship, professionalism, fun working together, and straight forward communication was great.  Oh, we have an awesome fence too!  We admire it every time we drive into our driveway!

Thank you for having an eternal view point on what needs to be done to take care of children”.

Olivia – Murphy, TX

“When it came time to replace our fence, I contacted several possible contractors. I decided to go with Fences for Orphans because I was very impressed with their work.  Secondly, I believe in their mission, to help build orphanages in Haiti and Mexico, and I wanted to contribute to their mission.  I was very impressed with the volunteers and their professionalism. I am glad to say I got to know a couple of them by name.  My husband and I absolutely love our new fence. I have since noticed several of my surrounding neighbors also used Fences for Orphans to build their new fences.  I highly recommend Fences for Orphans to any of my friends. Thank you, Fences for Orphans, for my fence and for all your hard work and dedication to your cause”.

Pete – Coppell, TX

“I am absolutely 100 % happy with the fence that your folks put up. My next door neighbor said that it was so much more attractive than he had anticipated and the way you placed the rot board made the fence higher than before which is great because people used to be able to see in our backyard ( due to the slope ) and now they can’t. I can’t say enough about the crews professionalism, attention to detail and the quality of the work. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if it will help your great cause in any way. By the way, my neighbor has already said that when the remaining fence he has needs replacing, he will be calling you and Hoppy”.

Lyn – Murphy, TX

“We were skeptical about how a fence could be built with volunteers but since most of the money was going to help build orphanages we decided to give it a try.  And wow we were so amazed at how well the fence turned out!!  It is first class and professional.  We get a complement on how great it looks every time someone walks by.  Hoppy and Ray supervised the build all the way and the final result is wonderful.  I would and do recommend Fences for Orphans to everyone I meet”…

David – Allen, TX

“I volunteered with FFO before ordering a fence from them. I was impressed with their work, character and motivation. They are professionals, and I have the best fence in my neighborhood! I would recommend them to anyone!”