Fence Services

Privacy Fence InstallationAll of our wood privacy fences are fully constructed on-site and not pre-built in panels, which insures that our fences are tight to the ground, meaning without gaps between the fence and ground.

Our Services include:

  • Fence Removal
  • Fence Design
  • Fence Installation
  • Fence Repairs
  • Wood – Only Western Cedar unless otherwise requested.

Review all of our Fence Products include types of Wood, Metal, Nails, Posts, and fence styles.

Fence Repairs

We can fix broken fences, fence gates, broken  panels, wind damage, and insurance claim repairs.

Fence Staining

We install pre-stained.  Our pre-stained materials are ‘dipped’ so every surface of each piece of lumber is treated, vs. only the exposed surfaces when post-installation stain is applied.  Pre-staining is also cheaper that post-installation staining. We use Ready Seal stain –

Gate Installations and Repairs

We can upgrade the look of your fence with upgraded gates and safety latches.  We can repair any problems you have with your existing fence.