Haiti Opportunity

We now have another opportunity to help a pastor in need in Haiti.  Matrix has worked with a pastor in Haiti in the past that currently has no means of transportation other than walking, tap taps (Haitian taxi), or catching rides with friends.  He has a large family, and he recently had knee surgery.   After prayer and reflection, we want to fund the purchase of a motorcycle for him – motorcycles are very common means of transportation in Haiti, even for large families.  A new motorcycle in Haiti only costs $1,750.  I feel this is a good investment considering his health and ministry need.  It should aid greatly with both.  I believe this pastor is an influential man in his community and being able to get around should only increase his impact in the Kingdom work God has given him there.  Difficult and limiting work can be discouraging, this should make things easier and give him a sense of opportunity for ministry growth/impact which should be very encouraging for him and his church.


FFO Update

I have such an awesome group of retired volunteers who come out for almost every project that I forget to send our project announcements.  So far we’ve completed 8 project and raised $6,600 in donations.  We have a HUGE project next week that should raise close to $3,000 by itself.  But, we are very slow this season.  Please pray things pick up for us so we can help more orphans and 3rd world churches.


Impacting Eternity in Frisco

Saturday 9/27 in Frisco TX. We had 2 church groups from Chase Oaks church join together to help us.  It was a great day with over 15 volunteers.  Many were repeat volunteers, as well as a lot of first timers. Very blessed to have them come be a part of helping orphans and 3rd world churches — impacting eternity in Frisco!!!! Go God!  We also had a neighbor down the alley ask for a quote and his 16 year old son volunteered all day with the groups.  We also connected with a roofing contractor who was looking at the roof next door.  He saw the crowd and started asking questions while standing on top of the roof (he had a great perspective of the impact on and of volunteers).  He loves what we do and said he would be sending us some business, as well as volunteering when he has time.  God is good.

Here’s what our clients, the Smiths, had to say — We were happy to partner today with Ray Young and Fences for Orphans, and two life groups from Chase Oaks church to build our new fence! High quality, and proceeds help fund orphanages in Haiti and Costa Rica. Thanks to everyone who came out! Give Ray a call if you need a new fence.

Back From Another Great Trip

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and we just finished one of the best mission trips I’ve been a part of.  We took 10 participants to Costa Rica working with The Brook Ministries, Hogar de Vida Children’s Home and Iglesia Biblica Uncion con Gloria.  Our in-country partnerships, times of deep spiritual unity and our trip missionaries is what made it so great.  God is so good.  It is truly amazing to see what He is doing through fund raising activities (Fences for Orphans) here in the US.  Thank you to everyone who participates


08-19 photo08-19a

What’s He done; What’s next?

In my last communication I mentioned I have a lot to share. Let’s start with a few summaries of FY2014:

1) FY2014 was one of our best for Fences for Orphans – 40 FFO projects raised $42,500.00 to help orphans and 3rd world churches, and we established an AWESOME group of repeat volunteers. 2) Donations were used to covered orphan care needs as well as 3rd world church project expenses. Our last FFO donation check alone covered an entire year’s expenses for all the High School students and 52 primary school students in an orphan village in Haiti called Desire.

3) We took short-term mission teams to serve:

  • Local churches in the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • A children’s home in Oklahoma
  • And 4 teams (2 youth teams, and 2 adult teams) to serve in 2 children’s homes and 2 local churches in Costa Rica.

A huge THANKS to everyone who supports us with prayer, finances, volunteer efforts and projects. Another huge THANKS to our ministry partners in these countries.



Thursday we leave with a team of 11 to serve at Hogar de Vida children’s home in Atenas, and Iglesia Bíblica Unción Con Gloria church in Grecia, Costa Rica. Please cover this trip in prayer.


In November we are offering a special ‘Thanksgiving in Costa Rica’ mission trip. What better way to say “thanks” to our Lord than to be on mission serving others in His name. Trip dates are: Wed, Nov 19 – Fri, Nov 28. This will be a split trip serving at Hogar de Vida children’s home as well as Iglesia Bíblica Unción Con Gloria church. We’ll have an extended overnight excursion at a local white-sand beach hotel halfway through the trip. We will end the trip spending Thanksgiving with the Lucas’ sharing a typical US Thanksgiving meal with some of our local ministry partners. Cost is $950 + airfare, excursion, and misc expenses.  We need to act fast to get reasonable airline and hotel prices. Min. of 6 needed for this trip to make. Contact me ASAP if you are interested.


In September we will return to Cookson Hills Children’s Home in Oklahoma to help construct additional children’s homes. 2 date options, 1) Sun Sept 21 (leave after church) – Sat Sept 27, or 2) Thurs Sept 25 (leave mid-afternoon) – Sat Sept 27. Cost is $50/day and covers transportation, meals, and lodging. Ages 18+. Ladies and men and welcome. Skills are not required – you would be surprised how much impact a non-construction skilled person can contribute. Lodging will be dorms, cabins and/or RV if you have one. Contact me ASAP if you are interested. Why not bring your group.

Please pray as we seek God’s will on many new opportunities to serve. We have opportunities to open our International Missions ministries to: Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Thailand, Mexico, and to the native Cabecar Indians in Costa Rica.


A full week

We completed two fences last week.  One generated just over $2,900 (biggest donation and project of the season) and the other about $800.  Thanks to all the volunteers, new and seasoned, who helped last week.

Great Homeowners

This past week we partners with some more great homeowners who literally worked with us everyday as a volunteer.  It is so awesome when you meet people who get how blessed they are, and who also get what we are trying to do as a ministry by volunteering themselves.  I love it!!!!

Thanks to Sam P., Gary B., Dave C. (and his grandson Ben), Jim C., Catherine K., and Pete C. we finished another large fence in 2 days.  Way to go team! It looks like we raised $1,400+

My heroes!

I found some Kingdom heroes last week – Sam P., Dave C., Pete C., Shelia F., and Danny G.  Last week these guys came out and worked in the rain, and then the hot high humidity to install a 175LF of 8′ BoB with full trim that raised $1,285 for orphans and/or 3rd world churches.  A couple times I even had to call them in out of the heavy rain and make them take shelter – they didn’t want to stop.  And, a bonus – we finished in 2 days, and the homeowner provided lunch both days.  It was just a great week.

Some times I get so busy myself that I forget to stop and take REAL notice of those who are serving around me in the Kingdom.  Thanks to all of you FFO volunteers, and everyone else who serves in the Kingdom!

God is Moving! Don’t miss it!

It is so exciting to be involved when God is moving. Can I give you a look at what’s happening:

  1. We leave Friday on a mission trip to Costa Rica with a group of at risk students from Oklahoma. 1st mission trip for most.
  2. The church we are partnering with in Costa Rica is going gang busters. They are using God’s blessing of a new building to reach their community. They are planning a large evangelistic campaign the weekend after Easter including door to door evangelism, and activities for all ages.  FB Posts below.
  3. We have a mission trip planned to Costa Rica July 14 – 22, and another July 31 – Aug 8 (already have 11 on the Aug trip). We will continue work with the church, and spend time at the children’s home.
  4. Swamped with FFO projects. A GREAT group of volunteers show up regularly, and many churches are involved.
  5. A new MM ministry is gearing up using the FFO model, but offer massages from professional volunteer Massage Therapist. If you are blessed to afford massages, your massages can now bless others.

My heart is to invite you to get involved personally or financially. God is moving. Please contact me at ray.young@matrixministries.org.

Here are a few exciting posts from Pastor Oscar on their Facebook Page (using FB Translator).

– “They are still blowing winds of salvation, things which eye has not seen nor ear heard, is what is to come. Come prepared to receive from God.”

– “These days they are blowing winds of salvation and approaching the campaign from 25 to 27 April, and we know that God will do great things, I invite you to not miss.”

– “In these times they are blowing winds of healing and salvation on the Church and all the nearby towns to the Church, God is moving his hands and can be felt in the air the expectation of what God will do in this crusade, I invite you to come the day 25-26 and 27 April will see the supernatural God operating and saving lives.”

– “We give glory to God for all his blessings, today March 9 was with us of our Association National Pastor, we were in the new temple we are building and the brothers are very animated and also already she is starting to reach new people, believe that God is moving in favor of his Church.”

– “We are promoting a crusade by the end of this month and we know that God spilled salvation, miracles, release about this community.”

God bless.

Ray Young

The Church Showed Up!

Hey all.

Can I give a testimony about how God provides through His church. Remember my whining last week when I presented the opportunity for people to come get involved and help finish a large fence project by the weekend. Well, God is faithful, and so is His Church. We finished the project by noon on Saturday. A big THANKS to: Sam, Steve, Catherine, Danny, Sheila, Ross, Joel, Shawn, and Mike.

What’s really amazing, is the number of local churches represented in that project:

  1. Chase Oaks Church –      Fairview,
  2. Cottonwood Creek      Baptist – Allen,
  3. First Baptist      Church – Allen,
  4. First United      Methodist Church – Carrollton,
  5. Irving Bible Church      – Irving,
  6. LifePoint Church –      Plano,
  7. Preston Trails      Community Church – Frisco, and
  8. Stonebriar      Community Church – Frisco.

I love it when the Church works together in the Kingdom as the hands and feet of God.

Several of these same volunteers also helped with a smaller project I squeezed in earlier last week. Between the 2 projects, we raised over $3,100.00 in donations to help orphans and 3rd world churches. Way to go FFO volunteers. Go God!

Now it’s off to Costa Rica with the Cookson Hills HS Sr. Class for a week to serve some of those orphans, and to help literally build a church with our brother and sister in Christ there. GOD IS GOOD!  Please pray for us.