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Fences for Orphans (FFO)

Fences for Orphans (FFO) is a ‘doing business as’ under Matrix Ministries a 501c3 public charity. FFO creates a win-win for all groups of people involved. A homeowner contacts Fences for Orphans and requests a quote. A professional FFO Crew Chief design and quotes the fence project at a local market competitive price. Under the guidance and direction of our Crew Chief, FFO uses volunteers to help on the project. Using volunteers allows FFO to give 80% of our profit to help build orphanages. The majority of our volunteers are construction savvy repeat volunteers who have built many fences with FFO. We produce a quality product and have many satisfied clients who agree. With this model the homeowner, and the volunteer get to help build orphanages for needy children without writing an extra check, taking a vacation or leaving family or work to go on a mission trip. Every time the homeowner looks at his or her fence they can know they were able to help children at risk. This is also a great way to involve the whole family in understanding the blessing and needs in our world. And, most important, an innocent child gets a safe place to live, food to eat, clean to wear, someone to watch over them and love them, an education, and a chance to know Christ.